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Bakewell Pudding

IMG_3333This is about Bakewell Puddings and not tarts. When I was young, my family would visit Derbyshire practically every year. Every year we would make our pilgrimage to the Bakewell Pudding shop in Bakewell. Of course, I had to educate my own family, so I bought the tea towel. In English class A.L. (youngest daughter) did a presentation and baked some Bakewell puddings using┬áthe ‘secret recipe’. Her teacher was amazed. These are just like the real thing, but its anybodys guess what the secret ingredient is ???


British Cakes

I’ve been living in France for many years now, despite this, I’m still a fan of all things British. My neighbour owns a large patisserie in town and on the odd occasion, I’ve been his guinea pig. Hard life, someone has to do it! But nothing can beat good old fashioned British baking. Baking like my mum, every saturday she still bakes a Victoria sandwich, there’s always a pudding after every meal. Its a shame I don’t get to go home very often.